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5-Minute Turbo-Airbrush Tan

Only 5-Minutes to a great TAN with our Turbo-Airbrush tanning service! The cost is only $25.00 for a full body tan and $12.00 for a face and lower arm tan.

Your body will glow with a healthy color and your evenly bronzed skin tone will last 6-10 days!

Now you can enjoy an exotic, golden brown tan in just 5-minutes. Your new sunless tan will complement your natural tan or your UV light tan.

Our Turbo-Airbrush tanning service utilizes the latest technology to give you an excellent, even tan that you can enjoy for days.

The tanning solution and its application by trained technicians delivers a great looking tan that your friends will envy!

With Our High-Tech tanning process, there is:
-No Odor
-No Streaking
-No Orange Look
-No Discoloration

Your tan will fade slowly and evenly, like a real suntan. By utilizing our tan extenders, your tan will last as long as possible.

Mobile/In Home Service: Don't forget to ask about our mobile/in home service. We'll bring the "Tan" to your home. All you need to do is invite 5-people for a home tanning party. We'll do the rest!

Preparing for your Tan
You can wear your most comfortable clothes. Women usually dress in a bikini, with or without top (depending upon your comfort level). Men usually wear briefs, boxers, shorts, or swim trunks. 

We use the utmost discretion with our services and all tans are done in a private area.

Dark attire is preferred during your tanning session. Our tanning solution washes out of most fabrics very easily. You'll want to avoid silk, wool and light nylon fabrics as these have been known to hold the color.

You must shower/exfoliate your entire body prior to your tanning session for the best results. Shaving should be at least 6-8 hours prior and any waxing should be 24 hours prior.

DO NOT apply any moisturizer, make up or deodorants prior to your service. You MUST HAVE clean skin. 

Loose clothing and shoes should be worn following your session.

NO SHOWERING after your session for at least 6-8 hours. This gives the solution adequate time to react with your skin.

MOISTURIZE morning and evening following your session. To extend the length of your tan we recommend our Tan Extender that contains a small % of DHA solution which helps to maintain that exotic, golden bronzed look.